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Volunteers with Donation Boxes

Journey Sales

Because our products are so much under what people will be paying from other sources, some of the items may make sense for fundraising.  If you are interested in pursuing fundraising through our company, please reach out and we will have a representative contact you about setting up one.  For you, the process will be easy.  Once we have confirmation of an intent to do a fundraiser, all you have to do is send people to our website.  At checkout, there will be a place where it asks if this is associated with a fundraiser and if so, what organization.  We will track on your behalf all orders placed on behalf of your organization and send the organization a check monthly on all sales associated with that organization.  For fundraisers, the organization has to be a recognized organization that we can verify- so this is not available to individuals.  But once the work is done on the front end, your organization can receive from us monthly checks based upon sales volume.  

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