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"I am because WE ARE!"


Our KT Tape is our flagship product. It is what we are starting with because we know we can bring this to market at a substantial savings to you. The founder of New Journey, Don Brady, was easily spending $60-70 per month keeping his daughter in KT tape for soccer and basketball. At places like Academy Sports, Walmart and even Amazon, the cost of similar tape per roll was $10.00 to $11.00 and even more for the pro tape. Here we are bringing it to you at the cost of $7.50 per roll and $6.00 per roll when you purchase 4 or more rolls at a time. We are excited about this product and hope you will give us the chance to earn your business. Buy 4 or More rolls of KT Tape and receive a 25% Discount on the KT Tape Order--USE CODE: Buy4orMORE

In the CLOTHING Section, we are hard at work trying to come up with designs which emphasize this spirit. The first item is a shirt of the daughter of the founder of New Journey Sales. It is a New Journey design representing her #16 and the support she receives. As you can see her number 16 is exploding from the jersey celebrating who she is on the team. You will also notice arrows from the soccer field also in the design drawing into the number 16. This represents her teammates, her coaches, her club and those that support her because whatever success that she achieves is only because of the many forces brought together to help support her and provide a foundation for her success. If you like this concept, we can design a similar shirt for your athletic team or corporate team showing that “I am because we are.”

Our products are bulk ordered. After receiving special samples, testing with coaches and other professionals to assure quality, after comparing prices of similar products to determine if we can bring the product at substantial savings, we bring these items to you on our website. Part of the reason we only introduce 1-2 new items a month is because of the time it takes to go through all of these checkpoints.

New Journey Sales

There is a story of a missionary who traveled to parts of Africa.  In one small village, the missionary was interacting with the village children and set up games for them to play.  One such game was a race where at the finish line waiting for the winning child was a basket of fruit and goodies.  The missionary blew the whistle for the race to begin and the children began running towards the finish line.  About half-way, the children stopped and joined hands and crossed the finish line together.  The missionary was stunned.  He asked the children why they did not try to win the basket for themselves.  The children shouted together “Ubuntu.”  When the missionary inquired what “Ubuntu” meant, he was told it meant “I am because we are.”  In a world which often feels tribal and divided and there is so much focus on I.  We at New Journey Sales want to promote the spirit of “I am because we are.” We will never lose track of the fact that any success we have and any growth we experience is because of us working together.  We welcome your feedback on ideas and helping us become better.  

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